Fringe Network Is Here

Worried about the move to Fridays? Join the Fringe Network, a network consisting of fellow Cortexifans who are making a stand, saying, "We love this show." As stated on the website itself, the goal of Fringe Network is "(1) to spread the word about Fringe's new night and to encourage U.S. fans to watch LIVE, (2) to keep the international Fringe community informed and united about the show, [and] (3) to welcome new fans to the world of Fringe!" So, what can you, as a Fringe fan, do to ensure that Friday night doesn't become Fringe's grave site? Most importantly, watch live. FOX does pay attention to the DVR and the HULU numbers, but, ultimately, that isn't where the money is made. The Nielsen ratings are ultimately what matters, and that is where you come in by watching live, Friday nights at 9/8c. Simply put - you need to watch live. Secondly, spread the word. Tell your friends about Fringe and about Fringe websites. Encourage them to watch the series. If you have seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, let them borrow them so that they can catch up. Anything that you could possibly do to encourage people to watch would be incredibly helpful. Visit Fringe Network to find out more about how you can help keep Fringe alive for years to come.

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