"6:02 AM EST" (3.20)

The Fringe season 3 finale is approaching (in fact, it's right around the corner), and the pace has picked right back up. I really liked the arc involving Bell inhabiting Olivia's body. It was really funny and was very interesting, but it slowed down the pace of the season and didn't serve much of a purpose, at least not yet. I really love this episode and give it 10 Electrocuted Peters. Near the beginning of this episode, we immediately learn why Walternate wanted the other Olivia's baby's (named Henry, which is awesome) blood sample, and my prediction was correct; he needed it to turn on the machine, which is why he accelerated her pregnancy. Interestingly enough, he seems to be beginning to feel guilty, admitting that it is wrong to be doing what he is doing, destroying an entire universe. He proceeds to say, "May God have mercy on us," which I think is intended to be a parallel to what this Walter says near the end of the episode (a scene to which I refer as the "chapel scene," an incredibly powerful scene that pays tribute to episode 2.17, "White Tulip"). He says, in prayer to God, "I know my crimes are unforgivable. Punish me; do what you want to me, but please spare our world." The crew behind Fringe certainly knows how to deliver powerful television, and this scene is nothing short of exemplary of that fact.

I don't really appreciate the inconsistency of the intro, though. Even though the episode alternates between both universes like "Entrada" (3.08), unlike "Entrada," the intro is only blue instead of alternating between blue and red. I know that it's not really a big deal, but it is inconsistent, which I don't like. I love the scene near the beginning of the episode, however, in which we see a shirtless Peter (definitely a good thing), and Olivia gets out of bed and runs into a naked Walter, which is so hilarious, because she does her absolute best not to look and to keep her cool. Olivia then returns to bed and says that she loves early morning, that it's her favorite time of the day because it's when the world is full of promise, definitely a memorable line. I also think that this episode shows us that at this point, Peter has definitely forgiven Walter for what he did (even though Walter has definitely not forgiven himself), and I think that this is really evident when Walter tries to say something to Peter before Peter attempts to enter the machine and Peter says, "I know," indicating that he was going to tell him that he loves him, which is also probably what Peter was going to ask Astrid to tell Olivia. As I had already known we would, we see Sam Weiss in this episode, and that's a joy (no sarcasm intended).

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but Sam definitely looks older in this episode than he did the last time that we saw him, which was at the end of episode 3.12, "Concentrate and Ask Again" (3.12). Darrell of the Fringe Podcast pointed out that he looked younger when we saw him in "Concentrate and Ask Again," and I think that that is more obvious than ever now, because now, he definitely looks a lot older. I'm not sure what to make of that, but even though this theory probably doesn't have anything to do with that simply because it doesn't do much to explain it, I am wondering if Sam's body is just a vessel for the real Sam Weiss, much like Bell used Olivia's body as a vessel. If you think about it, it would totally explain what he meant when he told Olivia in "Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver." (2.16) that he is older and taller than he appears; it could be that he is ancient, since I think it's totally safe to assume at this point that he is one of the First People, and that when he was in his original, "real" body, he was a lot taller than the body that he is currently inhabiting. As I said, though, it doesn't explain why his age seems to fluctuate; that shouldn't have anything to do with it. Whatever the case may be, he has apparently known that some kind of end would be coming.

First, the fact that bowling balls hit one another without any obvious kind of disturbance causes him to conduct some kind of test at the bowling alley with a device that looks handcrafted. Then, later in the episode, we see him looking through some kind of window, and the window makes the sky really colorful, as a couple notices from their vehicle; he then proceeds to add to an equation on which he is working, and I really want to know what exactly he is doing in that scene, and hopefully, we will find out in the next episode, "The Last Sam Weiss" (3.21). I love how Nina tells Olivia about Sam having told her that the fate of their universe would depend on which Olivia Peter would choose, because it's typical Nina. She says that "there's a man" and continues to say that he is a man in whom Bell told her to have confidence because he is very knowledgeable, working her way to saying that Olivia has already met him instead of simply immediately saying that she is talking about Sam. I also didn't realize it until my second viewing of the episode, but in this episode, the typewriter is sort of explained; Walter says that like the typewriters, the Doomsday Device may have turned on due to quantum entanglement, which means that Walternate would have activated the Doomsday Device "over there" in order to activate the one here; that's apparently how the typewriter works, too, and I do know that the typewriter will come into some kind of play very, very soon.

"Over there," we see Olivia with her son Henry, and I have to say that seeing the two of them together is so beautiful, especially when she sings to him, and I have to say that between that and seeing her rebelling against Walternate, I have really warmed up to her. What I really want to see is the two Olivias meeting again, only this time making peace with one another. I would absolutely love to see that before the end of the season, but I have no indication as to whether or not that is going to happen. I love how she takes control of Brandon, and when he tries to tell her that she isn't going to get away with it, she says, "I did not ask for your opinion." As my boyfriend Ray pointed out, she really reminds me of Ziva on NCIS when she says this. There are some neat parallels in this episode, such as when the other Olivia narrowly escapes gunfire by using the elevator, which is an almost identical scene to one in this season's premiere, "Olivia" (3.01). Also, the other Olivia is imprisoned in the same room as our Olivia was at the very end of the Season 2 finale, "Over There, Part 2" (2.22). This last one may not have been an intentional parallel, but near the end of the episode, Olivia running into Sam (who she had been looking for), who tells her that she needs to trust him because there isn't much time, reminds me of her running into Bell, who says the same, near the end of "Over There, Part 1" (2.21).

I have always loved Lincoln, but I don't really see how anyone has any excuse not to love him now. Near the end of "Bloodline" (3.18), he and Charlie discuss the fact that Broyles went missing right around the same time that their Olivia returned from the other universe, and they therefore suspect that Walternate is corrupt, but for whatever reason, Kirk Acevedo is not in this episode. I did read that Acevedo will be in a new series, so maybe we will not be seeing him on the series anymore, and since there was no death scene (and we know that he is currently alive), perhaps the Redverse will not survive. I don't want that, so don't get me wrong; I want peace, but I'm just saying that that is a pretty "in your face" clue. It's very clear that like Olivia, Lincoln does not want to destroy the Blueverse, since he is fully aware of what Olivia is up to and supports her. I love how when Walternate tells him over a communication device that they don't need to go to Liberty Island for a Fringe Event, he says, "Understood, Mr. Secretary," and there is a strong tone of sarcasm in his voice. Walternate tells Olivia that if it were anyone else who had done what she did, he or she would be charged with treason, which really makes me worry about Lincoln. For now, though, stay on the fringe until "The Last Sam Weiss" (3.21).

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