Throughout the summer, a series of polls (referred to as "rounds") will be posted that will each be a part of the FRINGE SEASON 3 SURVIVOR event. The event is inspired by David Wu's initiation of a similar event last year, which resulted in a Season 2 episode being awarded the winner of the event. Much the same as then, the purpose of the event is to determine, by the conclusion of the summer, a Season 3 episode that you have chosen as your favorite. In order to award an episode with such an honor, each poll that is posted, or round, will ask you to select your least favorite episode of the season, so please, do not vote for your favorite, since by doing so, you would be a catalyst of inaccurate results and would therefore have a hand in defeating the purpose of the event. After the end of each round, the episode with the most number of votes will be eliminated, disqualifying it from the competition. In the event that there are two more episodes tied with one another, a Tiebreaker Poll will be posted instead of a new round, and the event will move on to the next round once the Tiebreaker Poll has ended and settles the tie. However, the more votes, the less likely there is to be ties, so please, get your vote on, and spread the word to other Cortexifans.

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