"Imagine If… Olivia and Peter Had a Child with Cortexiphan Abilities?" (BEYOND THE FRINGE chapter #3B)

This is definitely one of the better Fringe comics that I've read. "Imagine If… Olivia and Peter Had a Child with Cortexiphan Abilities" takes us to a parallel universe in which Olivia and Peter have a son (probably around twelve or so) named Trevor, and the comic gives us a very brief glimpse of Trevor's life. He is very smart, and he is bullied by a boy named Mark Murphy. He also has a special ability. Because Olivia passed her Cortexiphan abilities onto him, Mark can see into the future. Mark bullies him for this reason; he treats Trevor as if he is some sort of freak, and he constantly pushes Trevor to tell him what is in store for his future, which Trevor refuses to do. Eventually, however, we see that Mark's mother has been diagnosed with cancer and that Mark wants to know if she is going to live. Fortunately, Trevor sees that she will live, which kindles a friendship between the two of them. Trevor is a great character whom I really like, and I wonder if there is a particular reason why Olivia and Peter chose the name Trevor. I think that it's safe to assume that Henrietta got her name from Peter having learned that his son's name was Henry, but I wonder if Trevor has some sort of significance. I also wonder why it is that he can see into the future; I don't think that we've ever seen Olivia able to do that, but then again, this is a different universe, so it's quite possible that her abilities are different in this universe, that Cortexiphan didn't bestow the same abilities onto her, but that's just a thought. It could also be that she does have the same abilities but that Cortexiphan being passed from a parent to his of her offspring doesn't necessarily mean that the offspring will have the same abilities.

In this universe, it would seem like Olivia has managed to keep her abilities under control. Walter recalls Olivia's past as a Cortexiphan subject as a prideful past that made her a special person. On the TV series, he normally talks about Cortexiphan shamefully because he's ashamed of himself for having made so many people's lives miserable, made people outcasts, but now, he urges to Trevor to consider that he and his mother are both beautiful people because they're special. Walter says that Olivia saved a lot of people's lives because of her abilities, so it stands to reason that her past is not quite as troublesome as Blueverse Olivia's. She is wearing a pinkish-purplish color, which is unusual for Blueverse Olivia. Typically, Blueverse Olivia wears black, grey, white, and pale blue. Peter is a great father, and I love how the lucky coin exists in this universe, as well. He tells Trevor, "I was carrying this coin when I met your mother." I wonder if that's true in the Blueverse, too. I love how Trevor calls Walter Grandpa Wally; it sort of reminds me of how Ella called him Uncle Walter. I wonder if Zoom is a real TV series. I don't think that I've ever heard of it if it is. I feel so sorry for Trevor when he is bullied; I know what that's like, but I wonder how Mark had his cell phone number. I really love this comic, mainly because I love Trevor, and I give it 9 lucky coins.


  1. Look so awesome, Can you upload it or do you have a link so I could download It? Because where I live I can't buy them, and I really really like them

    1. I only review them. I do buy them, but I can only access them via the website on which they are offered; I can't download them. They should be available via hard copy this fall.