"Brown Betty" (2.19) (feedback)

Q: "Thought I would hate the musical episode but turned out loving it! I can take a departure from 'normal' Fringe, even though I still carried the flow of Peter's absence. Too many haters out there just not appreciating the art, although it was forced by FOX."
-Tim Everett
A: I was also skeptical at first, but when I discovered that the musical would not actually be taking place in the world of Fringe but would be taking place in Walter's drug-induced imagination, my skepticism faded away. I really appreciated the art of the episode as well as the symbolism. I just wish that there had been more singing. I feel like we were cheated out of something that could have been massively epic, to put it simply. Thanks so much for your feedback, and please, keep sending it in.

Q: "
It was a fantastic and necessary step in the show, I believe, to have the musical theme. I think that in the next three episodes, there is going to be a lot of things happening, and I wouldn't be surprised if this episode foreshadows the events that will take place. Can't wait for the next one."
-Ken Chambers
A: I don't know if I agree that it was a necessary step, but I do think it was pulled off well. Likewise, I also think that this episode foreshadows a lot. Perhaps, Olivia will mend Peter's heart together, and perhaps, Peter will have to share it with Walter. I definitely think that you're thinking on the right track. Thanks a lot for your feedback, Ken, and keep sending it in.

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