"The Man from the Other Side" (2.18) (feedback)

Q: I've figured out the entire storyline. The man on the bridge tonight was the 'other' Walter Bishop. The Walter from this side was the Walter to figure out how to open the door to the other dimension. While our Walter went crazy and was put into St. Claire's, the Walter from the Other Side became mad with getting his son back and successfully experimented with ideas, and this is where the 'shape-shifters' come from. Now the 'other' Walter has figured out how to open the door with the help of Newton doing a lot of the dirty work on this side. Oh, did I mention that 'Billy' has been the one helping 'other' Walter perfect this invention? The reason Billy went to the Other Side was to fix everything Walter started. Where is 'other' Billy, BTW? Anyone have their own theory? I'm interested to see how this ends. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
-Larry Campbell
A: Thank you so much for your feedback, Larry. Your enthusiasm is certainly received with reciprocation. I agree with just about everything that you've said. Likewise, I think that the man who crossed over is Walternate, and I think that Walternate and Newton are working together, Walternate mad to get his son back. However, I'm not so sure about your William Bell theory. I am convinced that William Bell is on this reality's side and is "over there" as a spy to try to stay on top of the game. Your theory is interesting, though, and only time will tell. I think that we will have a lot, if not all, of our questions regarding William Bell answered by the end of the season. Thanks again for your feedback!

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