"Imagine If… Our Fringe Team Were Criminals!" (BEYOND THE FRINGE chapter #4B)

As this comic opens, we see that Peter has a penthouse located in New York City. He seems to be quite the wealthy heartbreaker, but we learn that he is still in love with Olivia, who broke up with him at some point in the past. It becomes apparent, however, that he is still in love with her and is still sulking because of the fact that he lost her, and he sees something on TV that gives him an idea as to how to win her back. On the TV, there is a man talking about an art exhibit, and Peter has an epiphany; he knows how to earn Olivia back. He convinces Walter to help him pull a theft of a painting off and then the two of them convince Olivia, who is, at first, very hesitant but then finally complies. She is very different in this universe, not quite as shut-off and a lot more shifty. I can't see the Olivia in the Blueverse on the TV series agreeing to steal anything. I love how Astrid is a racecar driver, and I also noticed that Broyles (who is a police chief)' first name is spelled wrong; while it should be Phillip, it is spelled as Philip. Now, this could either be a print error or it could have been done intentionally, and I suggest the latter because it could be that that is the spelling of his name in this universe. After all, on the TV series, Manhattan is spelled as Manhatan over there in the Redverse. We see Peter shirtless at one point, and I only bring that up because he is apparently extremely ripped in this universe; we have seen him shirtless on the TV series before, and he was nowhere near as ripped as he is in this comic, but I suppose that that is a rather trivial observation to make.

At one point, it is also stated that Peter did ballet, and I'm wondering if he really did or if that was supposed to be a joke; I wasn't sure. At another point, Peter says that he was being watched, and that really made me wonder if that was true and that he was being watched by the Observers. There is one point on the TV series during season 1 that Walter says that he was once convinced that he was being watched, something that was dismissed by others as paranoia, but then, we see at the very end of the "Fracture" (2.03) episode that the Observers were, indeed, following him and taking photographs of him. Olivia is apparently a good shot regardless of what universe she's in, even though "Olivia" (3.01) established that on the TV series, only Redverse Liv is a good shot despite the ulterior evidence that suggests that Blueverse Liv is very much so, as well. The painting resurrects the Fringe motif of white tulips; the first time that it is mentioned, it is referred to as Girl in Tulip Field, and the second time that it is mentioned, it is referred to as Girl in Tulips. Is this an error, or does the painting have two different titles? Perhaps, it was simply abbreviated the second time that it was mentioned. In closing, I have to admit that I don't really care much for this comic. It was just silly and even for a comic that takes place in a separate universe, completely unnecessary. While it can definitely be argued that the same is true of the superhero comic, that was much more entertaining; I didn't take much from this and give it 5 station wagons.

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