Previous Timeline vs. Current Timeline

Before the current season (season 4, obviously) of Fringe even started, the producers promised that within this new timeline, everything that we had previously seen from the first three seasons did indeed happen; they just happened without Peter. In fact, I tweeted Joel about my concern that the first three seasons had ceased to exist, and his response, verbatim, was, "They happened. Trust." Obviously, since we just saw "Welcome to Westfield" (4.12), it looks like the story is finally beginning to clean up its mess, but still, within this timeline, the producers have been repeatedly proven wrong as episode after episode confirms that either an episode or a handful of episodes didn't happen for various reasons, either because the team had never encountered the Observers before, had never encountered Cortexiphan subjects, had never encountered David Robert Jones, because of episodes that were almost entirely centered on Peter, and so forth, so I have taken the liberty of crossing off all episodes that we now know never happened, or were so drastically different that they are ultimately not worth counting. This is 54% (more than half) of the first three seasons of the series, and as you can see, almost the entire second half of the third season didn't happen (we, in fact, have no idea how the Machine was able to work in this timeline; it's almost like an anomaly), so it looks like my concerns were legitimate, and hopefully, now, it will be easier to see why I want the original timeline back.

Season 1


"The Same Old Story"

"The Ghost Network"

"The Arrival"

"Power Hungry"

"The Cure"

"In Which We Meet Mr. Jones"

"The Equation"

"The Dreamscape"



"The No-Brainer"

"The Transformation"


"Inner Child"


"Bad Dreams"


"The Road Not Taken"

"There's More than One of Everything"


Season 2

"A New Day in the Old Town"

"Night of Desirable Objects"


"Momentum Deferred"

"Dream Logic"


"Of Human Action"



"Grey Matters"

"Johari Window"

"What Lies Below"

"The Bishop Revival"



"Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver."

"White Tulip"

"The Man from the Other Side"

"Brown Betty"

"Northwest Passage"

"Over There" (parts 1 & 2)

Season 3


"The Box"

"The Plateau"

"Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?"

"Amber 31422"

"6995 kHz"

"The Abducted"



"The Firefly"


"Concentrate and Ask Again"



"Subject 13"




"Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"

"6:02 AM EST"

"The Last Sam Weiss"

"The Day We Died"

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  1. It would definitely be awesome to watch a flashback episode showing exactly how this timeline worked without Peter!
    But that would require a huge budget....