"Brave New World" (part 1) (4.21) - season finale

"Brave New World" is a great finale, apart from the fact that its ending wasn't anything jaw-dropping since we didn't get much of a cliffhanger, but I'll talk more about that when I review the second part of the episode. Unfortunately, it's spoiled right during the opening credits that Leonard Nimoy would be in the episode, which I hate; I wish that they didn't have to do that. They did the same thing during the opening credits of "Back to Where You've Never Been" (4.08), revealing that Jared Harris would be in the episode. Granted, the promo revealed that, anyway, and I had been convinced for a while that Jones was behind the new Shapeshifters, but still, generally speaking, I wish that they wouldn't do that. Aside from the opening credits, though, they did a really good job of keeping his return under wraps. He was in the "Letters of Transit" (4.19) episode, but initially, the rumor had been that that wasn't physically Nimoy, that he had just been added in using computer graphics, but then, shortly before the finale aired, it was apparently revealed that he was not added in via computer graphics, that Nimoy had actually come in for that, so then, the speculations that Bell would return began to circulate, and seeing them therefore wasn't much of a surprise. What was a surprise, however, was that he was working with Jones; that I didn't see coming, mainly because it had been Jones' agenda during season 1 to cross over to the Other Side so that he could kill Bell. Was he lying, or did he instead find someone eager to form an alliance, since we know that Peter wasn't there to stop him from crossing over? Also, when the team goes to St. Claire's to see if Bell ever signed in, they seem to be looking for his name, but wouldn't he have signed in as Simon Paris?

Could Bell be why Porcuman didn't happen three years ago, but just a few weeks ago, in this timeline? Like I said, unless Jones was lying, he and Bell were not in alignment back in season 1, so that could be why that didn't happen then. It's interesting, though, because Jones' endgame was revealed to be to "create a world designed and controlled by him," and September says that Jones' endgame was the same then as it is now, so did he need Bell's assistance to help him do it? It just doesn't add up, because we learn during the second part of the episode that this was actually Walter's idea and he doesn't remember because that was why he asked to have parts of his brain removed, so how would Jones have had the idea first? It seems like Bell would have. I wonder if Jones is gone for good this time. My bet is yes, he is; I sincerely doubt that the timeline will ever go back to its original state, and even if it did, Jones is dead in that timeline, too. Obviously, I was wrong about my theory that the writers chose to pair Colonel Broyles and Jones together because neither should be alive and they'd disappear when the timeline was restored. The timeline was not restored, and I don't think that it ever will be, which is discouraging. All of that character development between Walter and Peter for three seasons is thrown out the window, reset, and at this point, we would be let down either way because if the timeline were reset, season 4 wouldn't have technically happened. It's very frustrating.

For the longest time, I couldn't figure out how the nanites were important, what they had to do with collapsing the universes, but I think that I have an idea now. However, I'll wait and discuss that when I review the second part of the episode. On the computer on which Walter is examining them, they have an "X" marking on them exactly like the "X" on Mr. X's shirt from the "LSD" (3.19) episode, which is odd. That's also something that I'll discuss during the following review. It's kind of annoying, though, how when spontaneous human combustion is mentioned, Peter says, "You know that's just a myth, right?" He and Olivia should both have memories of what happened during "The Road Not Taken" (1.19), yet neither of them mention it, and in fact, what Peter says suggests that it never happened. I was not surprised when I found out that Rebecca Mader would appear in the episode because Mader frequently voices her love of the series via her Twitter, so I figured that it would only be a matter of time, and like I said when I reviewed "Letters of Transit" (4.19), it's kind of cool how we had Desmond in that episode and then Charlotte in the finale. Olivia comforts her, and the lights flicker, which is a cool scene, but not quite as cool as the scene near the end when she uses a "Jedi mind trick" on Peter and controls his body. That was utterly amazing, and I do like season 4 for its effort to show us what amazing feats Olivia is capable of. She can manipulate electricity, can calm people down, and can even make people (or just Peter?) move using her mind. There's more, obviously, but again, I'll wait.

I know of someone who had a problem with Olivia saying that Jessica encountering them almost made a child an orphan, because she knows that the girl has a father, and that is not the definition of an orphan. However, I think that was just being dramatic. Speaking of which, she mentions wanting a nursery in the house that she and Peter eventually choose, which is obviously referencing Etta since we know about her, and speaking of offspring, another name that caught my attention during the opening credits is Samantha Noble. I assumed that she was related to John Noble, and sure enough, she is his daughter. The character's name is Dr. Benlo, which is an anagram of Noble. I think that she kind of looks like Jennifer Garner, and I love how Walter says, "I must say; you're much prettier than your predecessor." That was most likely the writers' sense of humor since she looks like him. Also, I wonder if by her "predecessor," he is referring to Bruce Sumner. It's so insane that Jones was trying to direct a ray of the sun toward earth. That was definitely insane, although a bit unrealistic because even though I'm not scientifically inclined by any means, I would think that that would burn everything around it to a crisp. Near the end of the episode, Walter refers to Astrid using two different names - Atlas and Alex. I love her reaction to being called Alex; she is so funny. I also love how Walter, before leaving, says, "Peace out." I was so surprised when Astrid was shot, and I thought for sure that she was gone, but then, I got thinking about the lemon cake and knew that that scene had to be significant. I was right, sort of, but I'll talk more about that during my following review. I give the first part of the finale 10 regenerative lemon cakes.

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