"Brave New World" (part 2) (4.22) - season finale

The second part of the finale is really good, although it's definitely annoying that "Letters of Transit" (4.19) spoils a lot of the revelations. It told us that Bell was alive. It told us that Olivia would be pregnant soon. It told us that the Observers would come for an invasion. It's cool, though, how other questions are answered. For example, we finally know how September got shot, and a stage was set at the end of "Back to Where You've Never Been" (4.08) for a play that is finally acted out now. I was definitely really surprised that Jessica was a baddie; I didn't see that coming, and her "revival" scene was one of the most disturbing, creepiest scenes that I've ever seen on TV. It kind of reminded me of Charlotte going insane before she died. It was almost as bad as the "Marionette" (3.09) scene during which the girl's corpse is made to walk like a marionette. Rebecca, speaking of September, tells Olivia that "he's very concerned about the events in your life." I have been saying for years that September seems to be here to protect Olivia, and it looks like I was right; he is her "guardian angel" of sorts. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out what the nanites had to do with collapsing the universes, but during a recent viewing of the episode, I realized that Jessica must have been there for a reason, and she tells Olivia that Bell had suggested to draw September out by putting Olivia's life in danger, so the nanites may have been a ruse to put Olivia's life in jeopardy. That leads to the question, however, of why Bell wanted to kill September. Does he know about the coming invasion but not understand that some of them are good? Is that why he wanted to create a third universe, to prevent the Observers' invasion?

We also learn from this episode that Olivia is the power source that Bell is using to collapse the universes. That leads me to wonder if she was Plan B or if Broyles was. Did Jones hurt or kill Christopher and/or Diane? Did Christopher's treatments continue with Walter (or someone)'s help, or was Jones the only one with the means to help him? The opening scene of the episode really reminds me of Jurassic Park, and it's really cool. I love Bell's line during this scene. He says, "The Bible tells us God created his universe in seven days. It's taken me considerably longer." There is a blue flash during this scene, which is something that I don't think we've seen for a while. He is absolutely crazy, something that is clearly demonstrated throughout this episode, especially right before Olivia "dies" but will wait to talk about that. I'm really glad that Astrid is okay, and I'm surprised, too. That looked like a fatal wound to me, and she was even left for a little while before being picked up. I thought that the lemon cake would end up being important because it would have to do with saving Astrid, but Astrid recovered on her own. Obviously, Olivia's wound was much worse and much more fatal, shall we say, but I had no idea how Olivia's predicted death would play out, obviously; no one did. The only thing that doesn't make sense is that if September saw her die in the future, why didn't he also tell her at the end of "Back to Where You've Never Been" that her death wouldn't be permanent? Did he fear that he'd risk changing the course of events from happening the way that they're supposed to?

There is a huge revelation that this new universe idea was actually Walter's and that he asked to have pieces of his brain removed so that he wouldn't remember having this idea. That was a surprise, and again, it makes me wonder what Jones' agenda was during season 1. September says during "The End of All Things" (4.14) that it was the same, but if it was initially Walter's idea, how would Jones have known of it? I love the helicopter scene, and Nina uses an interesting choice of words. She says, "Olivia now has as much activated Cortexiphan in her system as the Olivia from the original timeline." She seems to suggest there being two different Olivias, but she uses the term "original timeline" so probably not. It would, in fact, seem that since "A Short Story About Love" (4.15), she has accepted that everyone has indeed forgotten Peter and that Olivia is still the same person. How, though, did Olivia and Peter not get seriously injured? That was quite a jump from the helicopter. When Olivia is shot in the head, I think that Peter's "NO!" was how we all felt. I couldn't believe it; I was in utter denial and was in tears, and I couldn't imagine a good fifth season without her, but obviously, that's where the lemon cake came into play. Josh Jackson's acting during this scene is great. Where did Bell go, and is that the bullet that Etta will wear around her neck? It's interesting that Olivia is apparently not "special" anymore, that using Cortexiphan to come back to life made her abilities void, so I guess that we'll be seeing a "normal" Olivia come season 5. I know that there were some people who voiced that it didn't make sense that she didn't come back to life when Walternate shot her in the season 3 finale, but first of all, she hadn't been recently dosed with Cortexiphan, and second of all, no one got the bullet out (a nasty scene, by the way).

So, Broyles has been promoted to General Broyles, and Fringe Division will now be fully funded. Broyles has offered Head of Science Division to Nina, and I could be wrong, but it seems like they may be an item now. I mean, we saw her kiss him during "A New Day in the Old Town" (2.01), and that has to mean something. Speaking of that episode, that was when Fringe Division was on the brink of being shut down, so things have certainly come a long way. Olivia is pregnant, which was not a surprise because of "Letters of Transit" (4.19), nor was September's warning that "they are coming." "Letters of Transit" (4.19) pretty much spoiled any attempt at a cliffhanger that the finale makes, which is unfortunate. Is there something more to the pregnancy, though? Olivia looked very apprehensive. Anna Torv said that we won't be seeing Olivia pregnant, so I wonder if we will be jumping to 2015 for season 5? I almost feel like we'd have to in order for questions that "Letters of Transit" (4.19) asks to be answered. So, the "X" on the nanites that is the same as the "X" on Mr. X's shirt is something that I want to discuss briefly. It could be that Mr. X wasn't ever meant to be a person but was meant to be the nanites, since they are ultimately what allowed September to be captured so that Olivia could tell him of his warning. It's also possible that since the nanites are connected to Bell, they were used to represent him, since he did technically kill her; at least, it's because of him that Walter killed her. Although it would have left some questions unanswered, such as why Olivia's memories returned, more or less, if it weren't for "Letters of Transit" (4.19) and September's warning at the end, this could have been a series finale. I love how Walter, at the end, is humming "Rock-a-Bye-Baby" since he is obviously excited. Hopefully, during season 5, we'll see Peter in that purple tux. I give the second part of the finale 9 batty Bellys.

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