Welcome, cortexifans. You may recall participating in the FRINGE MATTERS FRINGE SEASON 3 SURVIVOR event last year. It was a lot of fun and resulted in "The Abducted" (3.07) winning as your vote for the best episode of season 3. What episode will win this year? That's up to you to decide, so allow me to reiterate the rules. Each week, you will vote for your LEAST favorite episode of the season, thereby trying to eliminate it. This is important, and it's a rule that you'll want to keep in mind because if you vote for your favorite, you're increasing its chances of being eliminated. Again, vote for your LEAST favorite, NOT your favorite. Last year, we had to hold multiple tiebreakers, thereby slowing down progress of the event, and that tends to happen when there are not very many voters, so please, never forget to vote, and spread the word to fellow cortexifans. The more voters that participate, the more fun the event will be. Be sure to follow FRINGE MATTERS on Twitter (@FringeMatters) and to like on Facebook -, as that is how each week's elimination will be announced and how the following round will be announced, as well. Please participate, cortexifans.

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