"Back to Where You've Never Been" (4.08) - In this episode, Peter, deciding that enough is enough and that he needs to return home, decides to visit the Redverse after Walter refuses to help calibrate the Machine. There, he consults Walternate for assistance and is accompanied by Lincoln, who betrays Peter by placing Shapeshifter secrets above Peter's need to get home. The episode, fast-paced and action-packed, culminates with two major revelations - (1) that David Robert Jones, alive in this timeline since Peter wasn't at Reiden Lake to stop him from crossing over, is behind the new breed of Shapeshifters (not at all a surprise to me, but I was happy to have seen that I was right), and (2) Colonel Broyles, for a reason that was unknown at the time, is assisting him. "Back to Where You've Never Been" is a fantastic episode, one that I would definitely deem worthy of winning this event. Thank you to all of those who participated, especially those who understood that this was an event that required multiple rounds and voted during each and every, or at least most, one.

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