"Everything in Its Right Place" (4.17)

"Everything in Its Right Place" is a good episode, and I ultimately settled on 8.5 cornered vipers. At the beginning of the episode, we see that it is apparently "Grazing Day" as Gene is dressed in an FBI robe and is being prepared to be taken to her favorite pasture because Walter thinks that she is depressed due to the fact that she hasn't gotten enough sunlight. This is actually a good point, as I wouldn't have thought that a cow would be happy being inside all of the time like she is. I love the look on Broyles' face when Lincoln mentions "Grazing Day" to him, as if he is unaware of the idiosyncrasies of the Fringe Division team. It's really sad, though, when we learn that Olivia's memories are continuing to be lost to her, that is, her memories from the new timeline, and it's sad because it's obviously drastically affecting Lincoln, since he cares a great deal for her and is losing the relationship that he had established with her. She brings an emblem that he had previously given to her, something that his partner Robert had given to him, and it represents making the right decisions throughout your lifetime to make it to the center of the maze, which is home. He ends up giving it to the Shapeshifter Canaan (who is interestingly a Shapeshifter vigilante), who only accepted Jones' "help" because he felt like he didn't have a purpose, and he does so even though he doesn't explain to him what it means. This nicely parallels Lincoln's  current path, because ever since Peter returned, he hasn't felt like he belongs, something that is shown during the previous episode when Walter says that he loves having a family as he gazes upon everyone but Lincoln. I like this episode because I really like Lincoln, and I strongly consider this a Lincoln-centric episode, and that is ultimately in regards to both versions.

For starters, we learn that Lincoln's middle name is Tyrone, of which Redverse Lincoln is apparently not proud. I love that scene. Redverse Olivia asks Blueverse Lincoln what his middle name is, he tells her, and then, when she meets up with Redverse Lincoln, she says, "What's up, Tyrone?" The two Lincolns also have a discussion about their lives as Blueverse Lincoln tries to determine why it is that Redverse Lincoln is so much more confident than he is, and while there doesn't seem to be an ultimate determination, there seems to be a discrepancy that I know has bothered some people. It's mentioned during their conversation that both of their fathers opened up a hardware store, yet in the season 2 finale, we learn that Redverse Lincoln's father was some sort of government official who was killed during a Fringe event. My explanation is that it's quite possible that the hardware store was opened earlier during his life, or even while he worked for the government. The hardware store could have been a side job or even a hobby. There is also another discrepancy, and this one kind of does annoy me. We learn from this episode that Batman apparently doesn't exist over there; in his stead is Mantis. However, the season 2 finale shows us a Batman comic book that is unique to the Redverse. My only explanation is that he does exist over there but that he just isn't as popular and neither Redverse Olivia or Redverse Lincoln was familiar with him. Speaking of Batman, though, the Blueverse Fringe Division is apparently regarded as heroes now that the Redverse is healing as a result of the Bridge having been opened, which shows us that things have certainly changed since the season 3, and when Reynolds approaches Lincoln to thank him, I totally thought that he was going to hit on him, not that that is directly related at all.

Although, as I said, the two Lincolns don't seem to come to a definite conclusion as to why it is that they're so different, there are two possibilities. The first is what Redverse Lincoln suggests, which is that somewhere along the line, he chose to be a different person, as he doesn't believe that we're strictly victims of our environments. The second possibility, which is what I think is more likely, is that Redverse Lincoln was exposed to Redverse Olivia's confidence. Obviously, it's not just Lincoln who seems to be more confident and carefree over there; the same is true of Olivia, and Redverse Lincoln has had Redverse Olivia in his life. This possibility was never directly stated in the episode, but it is indirectly suggested. Blueverse Lincoln tells Redverse Lincoln that he is still getting used to being around the kinds of things that he is around, Redverse Lincoln says that it took him a while to get used to it, too, but that Olivia, "she's the tough one." This suggests that in Redverse Lincoln's eyes, she is the "tougher" out of the two of them, and the fact that Redverse Lincoln says that he may have just chosen to be a different man somewhere along the line strongly suggests that he remembers a time when he was more like Blueverse Lincoln. Redverse Olivia is more confident and more carefree than Blueverse Olivia because she didn't have the rough childhood that Blueverse Olivia had, so it's funny how we affect one another like that, which is ultimately what this season's theme as a whole has been centered on. The look on Blueverse Lincoln's face when the head of the body snaps off, though, is priceless. Also, is it me, or does Blueverse Lincoln seem thinner than Redverse Lincoln? It's not the first time that I've noticed it. Obviously, they're both played by the same actor so it isn't really possible, but it definitely seems to be the case, which I rest.

I love how Redverse Olivia says to Blueverse Lincoln, "Come on; you're with me." She does so knowing full well that Broyles hadn't officially given him permission to assist, and she certainly has a spine. There is also yet another possible discrepancy in this episode. Redverse Lincoln says that he had exploded before and ended up being fine, but that shouldn't have happened in this timeline. We learn from "Subject 9" (4.04) that prior to Cameron James, the team had never encountered a Cortexiphan subject before, which means that Blueverse Sally Clark would have had no business being over there, and we know that Walter didn't cross over like he did during the previous timeline because he hadn't left the lab (except, for some reason that was never clarified, to be at Liberty Island at the end of the third season). Additionally, three episodes later, during "Worlds Apart" (4.20), Olivia and Peter are the only two who remember Sally Clark. Lincoln does bring up a good point, though; he did survive being burned to a crisp before, so it's interesting that now, he doesn't survive a gunshot wound. I have a potential theory, but I warn you; it's farfetched. Okay, here goes. The "Os" (3.16) episode teaches us that some Fringe events are scientifically impossible but happened because of the condition of the universes making otherwise physically impossible events occur. When Redverse Lincoln was burned to a crisp, the Redverse was in terrible shape, but it has since done some healing, so is it possible that his survival was a Fringe event, something that otherwise would not have been possible? It's just a theory and, as I said, a farfetched one, I admit. For a few minutes, I thought for sure that it was Blueverse Lincoln that was going to die because I thought that he was going to be sniped while he was talking to Canaan, but thankfully, that was not the case, which is not to say that I am happy that Redverse Lincoln died, but I prefer Blueverse Lincoln.

Redverse Lincoln's death is definitely foreshadowed when Blueverse Lincoln successfully tries to convince Redverse Olivia to allow him to speak to Canaan for five minutes. He says, "If it were your partner, you'd do the same." I love how Canaan says, "There are these people you come across, these bright, bright lights. They drift through life effortlessly, unforgettable." I love that line, and it's so true; those people are special to us. It's really sad when it's revealed that Redverse Lincoln has died, and the look on Redverse Olivia's face is yet another example of what an amazing actress Anna Torv is. His death was a sacrifice, though, as the title of the episode tells us. He had to die for everything to be in its right place. Blueverse Olivia and Peter are supposed to be together, and now, they can be without it hurting Blueverse Lincoln, because now, there is the possibility for something to develop between him and Redverse Olivia. Now, Lincoln has a place where he belongs, and much like Peter once said that Blueverse Olivia gave him a place to call home, Redverse Olivia has given Blueverse Lincoln a place to call home. It was cool seeing Meana again, and I was not expecting her to be apprehended so quickly. I really expected her to play a part in the season finale. Canaan is an interesting character, but I don't understand the disgusting chord-like object that comes out of his mouth. Is this a new method of shapeshifting? I also unfortunately doubt that we'll ever see Canaan again. I also wonder why he doesn't have a number as a name like Seven (Nadine Park) did. Maybe, he was given a number as a name but doesn't use it. The ending of the episode is really sweet, and, as is usual, Chris Tilton's score is absolutely beautiful. Blueverse Lincoln says that they now have a way of finding all of Jones' Shapeshifters, so have we now seen the last of them? Season 5 doesn't show any promise of having anything to do with them, so I'm thinking so, but if they found a way to shut all of them down, then, that isn't necessary, I suppose.

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