"Imagine If… Walter Outlived the Earth" (BEYOND THE FRINGE chapter #5B)

I find this comic to be rather confusing, as it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, and that includes the title. The year is 2027, and the condition of Earth is dwindling rapidly. The environment is in such bad shape, in fact, that it seems to face the very real threat of being permanently destroyed. However, Walter Bishop seems to have a solution, and he is found by Astrid stored in some sort of container, which she refers to as a chamber, a cold one. Soon, we are transported to 2194, when Walter is a captain on a starship (obviously very reminiscent of Star Trek, as is the gelatinous "strange matter" as it reminds me of the Changelings' gelatinous form from Deep Space Nine), and that's where I'm confused. Did he time travel, or did the chamber allow him to stay preserved for 167 years, sort of like how he, Peter, and Astrid were preserved in Amber for twenty-one years on the TV series? I also wondered if Walter, like the Olivias and the Joneses, was a clone, but there seems to be only one of him, and memories of 2027 seem to remain intact, so I don't think so. In 2027, I kept wondering if the woman whom we eventually see find Walter on the spacecraft was Astrid, and sure enough, it was. We also see Broyles, and Brandon is briefly mentioned. Peter and Olivia are mentioned, which initially made me wonder if Etta were alive, but we learn in 2194 that in this universe, Peter and Olivia had a son, not a daughter, and named him Henry (which still makes me wonder why the name Trevor was significant in the #3B comic, but I digress.

When "the Olivias" are first mentioned, I was confused, and my initial thought was that Blueverse Olivia and Redverse Olivia were being referenced, this being a universe in which the two Olivias had become friends, but no, we are, of course, talking about clones, many of them. There are also clones of David Robert Jones, as aforementioned, and they work as slaves below decks to account for the crimes of their original, which, of course, is unfair. Why clone someone only to use the clones as slaves? It violates living beings' rights, but much of what we've seen on Fringe has asked the question regarding when we take our abilities too far and develop a god complex. In 2027, for example, Dr. Helman says, "When will they understand some amount of risk is necessary for science and humanity to move forward?" which is spoken like a true scientist. When President Farnsworth is mentioned, I had thought that Astrid had made it to the future, as well, but no, Astrid is this woman's great-grandmother. I'm confused by that because what exactly is President Farnsworth the president of? The title strongly suggests that Earth no longer exists. Is there something that is the equivalent of the Federation of which she is the president, or is she the president, perhaps, of a land on Euthenia? Also, how is Belly on the ship? Is he a clone, or did he do whatever Walter did? I give the comic 6 FRINGE: THE NEXT GENERATIONs; the ending is depressing and carries no resolution, leaving you wanting more, and it's very confusing.

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