"Ghost Writer" (part 2) (BEYOND THE FRINGE chapter #6A)

The second part of the "Ghost Writer" story is somewhat interesting, and although it is far from being my favorite (I ultimately give it 6 your faces), I am happy that Jhonen Vasquez designed a two-part Fringe comic story. Initially, I was sure that these two comics take place in the Blueverse of the TV series, and the main reason for my having thought so is because the other comics in this series (apart from the first three "A" stories) have been stories that take place in other universes and feature something such as "Imagine If…" or "What If…" at the beginning of the titles, which this two-part comic does not. However, I am now sure that this is, indeed, a different universe because we know from the "Letters of Transit" (4.19) that Nina still has her mechanical arm in the year 2036, which means that this story couldn't have happened. Perhaps, it is a possible future event that would have happened before  Peter disappeared at the end of season 3? I am really not sure whether this is a parallel universe or an alternate timeline or what, but I am sure it is not the TV series Blueverse that we know now.

I really like the art. Younger Bell, for example, looks very realistically like a younger Bell and even somewhat passes as a young Leonard Nimoy. I really would have expected to like Vasquez's art, though, and there are certain "scenes" that are so obviously done by him. I also love the 0-5-2-0-1-0 easter egg. Walter is his usual self, for the most part, although he does seem more stable and collected than the TV series Blueverse Walter, but I love how his mind goes to the gutter when Nina gets the "my office, your face" message from Bell, saying that it sounds perverted. I might be a bit confused by what happened, but I think that I understand it; my understanding is that Bell had a more organic arm building itself and had messages being sent to her mechanical arm in an effort to help her locate it in the event that something should happen to him and he couldn't show her himself. He is always looking for ways to become immortal, isn't he? I found the comic to be a bit slow, but it isn't too bad; it is an average Fringe comic.

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